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Every Orbea bicycle is born in the heart of the Pyrenees in northern Spain. It is a region that is lush and emerald green with a mild climate that is good for riding year-round. It is a land where cycling is a way of life. This region, known as Euskadi in the Basque language and Pais Vasco in Spanish, is home to some 1,500 cycling clubs and thousands of cyclists. It is a region where children learn to ride in school and are taught the history of cycling in the region. Even the government promotes cycling; passing laws to designate cycling routes where cars must drive very slow and pass with extra care.

In short, it is the perfect place to design and make a bicycle. Each and every Orbea is made with a passion that is expressed in beautiful bikes. Every Orbea has an intricate hand-painted finish that takes hours to perfect. More importantly, every Orbea ignites passion in its rider. Orbea bicycles climb with aplomb and descend intuitively. It is a pedigree born in the best cycling region in the world: The Pyrenees.

See Orbea’s models at: http://www.orbea-usa.com/


RVC is proud to be Edmonton’s exclusive Kona dealer. Kona Mountain Bikes is headquartered in Vancouver, BC home of The North Shore. While you can ride year round out there, the Kona guys like to mix it up and get a little crazy with the cyclocross now and then. Good thing for us because Kona’s design team created the most widely sought after cyclocross bike on North American soil. How? Using a simple design that works for World Cup racers, as well as, your local frothing at the mouth cyclocross fiend. Like, for instance, you.

Kona has been designing and building road bikes for the last 18 years. We’re meticulous about getting design perfect and specs beyond perfect. We just don’t believe in using our customers as our R&D department.

See Kona’s new road, asphalt and messenger/tour models at http://www.konaworld.com

Rocky Mountain

As a bike company, Rocky Mountain has made it their mission to create a high-grade quiver of bikes that meets the needs of the myriad of cyclists out there. To do this we pay particular attention to innovation, quality, and detail. Bikes for people who love to ride designed and built by people who love to ride. That’s the secret-letting the passion of riding create beautiful, strong, high performance bikes.

See Rocky Mountain’s new road, city and touring models at http://www.bikes.com