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Starting the BMX Season off Right.

Hey Everybody, Hope you’re as pumped as I am to get back on the track and doing some gates again. I have a few hints for the new riders and parents this season which should keep everybody motivated and having fun for the duration of the year. The best of which is timing your riders motos each night that you come out to the track. This will help us track our progress throughout the course of the season, and not leave the riders feeling that the only time they make progress is when they finally beat a rider that they normally don’t. The feeling of getting beat by the same riders night after night is sometimes demoralizing for us, but should never be the main focus. This unfortunately is the main reason why most kids try it, love it, and then quit once they’re competitive juices start flowing and are disappointed that they are not winning.

Winning is NOT the reason for coming out and racing BMX.

Being in the bike biz I get a chance to watch and speak to an enormous number of cyclists. One thing that is apparent is almost 100% of the time, the kids that raced BMX, have a noticeably better ability to handle a bicycle, of any kind, then those who never got that opportunity. Mastering bike balance both on the ground and in the air is a skill that you have no choice but to learn every time you run a moto, on any BMX track. The more you ride, the better you become. This is where it breaks my heart to see a beginner rider stomping off the track because I wasn’t first AGAIN!

We all like to have that winning feeling, and a feeling of accomplishment, unfortunately there can only ever be one winner. Just ask Craig Mactavish.

So grab your stop watches Mom and Dad, and keep track of your athletes progress. You will all be very surprised as to how much improvement takes place through the course of one season.

To the few of you naturals out there who seem to excel at most any sport you take part in, enjoy kicking our butts this season. To everybody else, have fun learning and improving. I know I will.

Best Wishes to All!