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RVC is proud to be Edmonton’s exclusive Kona dealer. Kona Mountain Bikes is headquartered in Vancouver, BC home of The North Shore. Since their backyard is the birthplace of freeriding, it makes sense that their bikes are built to withstand the abuse of huge hucks and high speed spills. Kona’s design group is aided and abetted by employees who ride off-road every day in every type of rideable (and nearly rideable) condition. Kona continues to produce bikes that push the limits of the sport.

See Kona’s mountain bike models at: http://www.konaworld.com

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain is a homegrown success story. This Canadian company produces bicycles, from steel hardtails to 9-inch suspension downhill rigs, that are renowned for their ride quality and durability. Rocky Mountain’s construction standards and attention to detail are legendary. They offer four independent, purpose-built full suspension systems, all of which were developed at its own R&D facility. Forgoing the mass production, Rocky operates as a semi-custom builder. You can practically feel the hand-built lovin’ when you take one of these babies for a rip.

See Rocky Mountain’s mountain bike models at http://www.bikes.com

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a small, high-end mountain bike company based in Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz’s goal is to build the best full-suspension bikes possible and we think that they’ve come pretty darn close. Santa Cruz’s bicycles are simple, fast and efficient, the envy of the bike industry. Santa Cruz bicycles are available as frames, as complete bicycles using Santa Cruz build kits, or as full custom bicycles. We like ‘em and we’re pretty sure you will too.

See Santa Cruz’s line up at http://www.santacruzmtb.com/


Intense Cycles is a SoCal based manufacturer specializing in high-performance full-suspension mountain bike frames striving to create the standard for quality and performance. These guys keep putting out burly, high performance machines that dominate both xc and downhill/freeride markets. This year we’re bringing Edmonton their good-lookin’, hard ridin’ bikes. Look for ‘em charging the local trails.

See the Intense lineup at http://www.intensecycles.com

FOES Racing

Now in its 15th year of bicycle manufacturing, Foes Racing has redefined bicycling as we know it. With the only manufacturer to have exclusive rights to the original Stable Platform design and the know how of over 20 years of suspension design, testing, and production – Foes is armed and ready for the 2009 season! Always thinking, the owner and founder of Foes Racing, Brent Foes, has prided himself for the past thirteen years on making the best mountain bikes money can buy. Taking the industry to new levels back in the earlier 90’s, Foes introduced what some may call the first freeride bike – the six inch travel ‘Foes LTS’. Now over ten years later Foes still leads the industry in frame design, suspension strategy and manufacturing, and of course every frame is still hand built from scratch in sunny Southern California.

See the FOES Lineup at http://www.foesracing.com